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The Local Post Collectors Society is devoted to the study, collecting and dissemination of modern world?s Local Posts, stamps and related collectibles and to provide guidance to members in establishing and operating their own Local Posts. The Society aspires to create a feeling of fellowship that unites Local Posts everywhere through correspondence by cultivating opportunities to exchange stamps and collectibles, thereby generating a greater understanding and enjoyment of our hobby.



Why is our logo in red?

It symbolizes the urge to achieve results, to win success and all forms of vitality. It?s the expression of vital force that encompasses all forms of leadership, creative endeavors and development and expansion.

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Note from a former potential volunteer for treasurer:

I had offered to consider taking over as the society's treasurer. However, one important issue with the society's bank account is that there must be a second name on the account. Should anything happen to the treasurer we would want someone to immediately have access to the account rather than possibly have it tied up in legal issues for months or even years.

In checking with the banks in my area, they will not allow one to add a second name to an account without that second person being there in person so they can verify their identification. I don't know if this is just a New Hampshire rule, since banking laws vary from state to state, or whether it's nation-wide. There are also a few other issues that I am unable to work around. First, since we are not a non-profit group with a tax id, the account would have to be under my name, and I would be financially responsible for any problems, for example if we tried to cash someone's check with insufficient funds. Second, how we would handle getting dues from foreign members - would we need a Paypal account linked with the club's account?

So due to a number of issues I am not presently able to work around, and that I'm finding that I just do not have the time to find some solution, I would like to withdraw my offer as treasurer and give someone else a chance. Perhaps if the banking laws have recently changed such adding a second name to the account, it may be best to find someone near Bob Fritz who would be able to keep the account in the same bank and therefore have grandfathered anything in the account that we may not be able to do by making a new account.



May 13 Tadas Edelis

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May 25 Patrick C. Labbe

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It is with great sadness that we report Edward J Davis passed away

January 31, 2016.



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