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Straight from the Horse's Mouth

19 March 2016

Winter is over and we are coming out of hibernation. World Local Post Day has come and gone and those new issues I have seen are a wonderful comment on our community.

Every time I look back over the items that have been issued over the years I get a more detailed insight into the ideas that have been in the minds of our postmasters, the ideas that have brought about some most interesting themes, and a great view mainly of history and geography from the views on these stamps. Every time I get a new item showing a sight somewhere in the US I immediately go to look for more information on this locations, and sometimes I am really surprised at what I read.

It is only a pity that some of our postmasters who were in the 1970s-90s were out there issuing so many stamps seem to have almost "dried up" in the last few years, but I always keep on hoping that our newer, and presumably younger, members will stride up to take their places.

I look forward, as always, to seeing the new issues coming out in the next few month, and also I hope that some of our members will find the time to send in articles to out editor for inclusion in future issues of The Poster.

On a personal note, I now know that I am getting old, on Saturday 12th March, I became a great-grandfather. Just thinking that I have a daughter who is a grandmother makes me start looking for a wheel-chair or at least a stick.

Please remember, your comments, good or bad, are always welcome, and I will attempt to answer each and every one who writes me.


Ralph Phillips




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