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Aerican Empire
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The Glasewald Medal 2016

A Study of Philatelic Journal Lifetimes

Auction Review: The Jim Czyl Collection

Panama City International Space Station Cover and Story

Satellite Beach Local Post by Joan Newcomb

Cape Kennedy Local Post by Joan Newcomb

Goat Island Catalogue by Ralph Phillips

Plate varieties in the 35 cent Landscape with Birds from the private mail company in Almelo, The Netherlands by Alex Nuijten

Kurdistan's Postal Service from the July 2014 American Philatelist

Pneumatic Postal Systems of the 19th Century by Molly Steenson

Concentration Camp Stamps by Patrick C. Labbe

My Second and Third Eras in Philately by Ralph Phillips

Farewell: Paulovia Local Post 2006-2014

XXCVI Annual Observance of World Local Post Day

Mistral Locale Poste History and Catalog

Antique Perforating Machines: Availability and Cost to the Modern Local Post by Kevin Blackston

Hawaii Bogus Stamps

Literature of Modern U.S. Locals Posts - Part 1 by Howard J Wunderlich

The Invention of the Postage Stamp

The History of Tabletop Perforating Machines by Scott Abbott



A modern Local Post is not a governmental affiliated postal entity, but rather a philatelic novelty. Anyone can establish a Local Post: Simply select a name and a unit of currency, real or fictitious; design and print the stamps for your entity; obtain a cancel and you? re ready to roll. Many collectors find local posting both an enjoyable and rewarding experience . . . a truly creative, affordable, fun alternative.

Local Post stamps, more commonly known as labels or Cinderellas, have no postal value; genuine postage is required for a letter to be delivered through the governmental postal system. Modern Local Posts stamps and covers are collected and/or exchanged with other collectors worldwide. It has been estimated that there are well over 3,000 Local Posts operating around the globe.

No permits of any kind are required to operate a Local Post;, although, certain restrictions may apply:
1) Local Post stamps may not be affixed on the upper right corner on the address side of an envelope, but rather on the lower left side or the reverse side of the envelope.
2) Local Post stamps and cancellations should not resemble their government counterparts

Generally, Local Post Directors, Operators or Postmasters, design, produce and issue a variety of stamps annually honoring a multitude of subjects and events; some actual other, fictitious. Sophisticated cancels are also created to complement the local stamps. It?s not uncommon for a Local Post to issue a stamp with the identical theme and date that coincides with the release of an issue of a Governmental Postal Administrations . . . an interesting way to create combo First Day Covers; a superb collectible!

During the mid-1800?s, prior to the establishment of governmental postal systems, functional private Local Posts were established in Europe and in the United States to deliver mail to islands and remote areas of the country. In 1861, the US Congress, aware of the profitability of private mail deliveries, enacted a law creating its monopoly on all mail deliveries. Countries around the globe had preceded or followed in the footsteps of the United States in this new profitable endeavor.

906 Local Post
Walpole MA

Courier Post

Rattlesnake Local post
Rattlesnake Island, Ohio

Poulsbohemija Local Post of Poulsboro, Washington

Pigeon Post



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