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The Local Post Collectors Society (LPCS), an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society, was founded on January 15,1972 by David M. Stirling from Scotland (U.K.) and his two longtime U.S. friends Ted Jenson and Wayne Martel.

During his term as the President of LPCS, Stirling brought in members into the society not only from the United States but also from the Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden and other countries.

The organization continued to flourish and soon the membership increased to well over 200 members.

Stirling's column," Curious Weeds", that appeared regularly in Linn's Weekly Stamps News during the decade of the 1960's, created an upsurge in local posts and Cinderella interest in the U.S.A. that ultimately gave birth to The Local Post Collectors Society.

During the mid 80?s the Society gradually began it?s decline and after two decades of near neglect, in April 2004, Joseph Lo Preiato took over the helm of the L.P.C.S. In the intervening period, he has developed and implemented a series of ambitious, innovative programs -- the most comprehensive and radical ever undertaken in the history of the Society; carefully designed to restructure, revitalize and internationalize the organization.

We're no longer inert, but reborn, vibrant and full of idealism. This reverberation, in turn has yeielded an unprecentted number of new, reinstated and life members and has inspired the support of the largest group of dedicated officers, unprecdented in the annls of the Society.

The current President is Ralph Phillips of Israel.



 Each year on the last Monday of January the society celebrates World Local Post Day. The event was established in 1989, by late President Ralph Wilson, as National Local Post Day. The purpose was to create awareness in local posting. At this time, numerous members design special local post stamps and superbly decorated covers for exchange with other members.

To further affirm our international status, beginning in 2006, then President Lo Preiato changed the name of the celebration to World Local Post Day.



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