The Glasewald Medal 2016

The Glasewald Medal 2016
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Below is an announcement from the Glasewald Medal Award Chapter.

The Glasewald Medal 2016

Named after the Pioneer of Private Post Philately A.E. Glasewald (1861 - 1926), the Glasewald Medal has been awarded at irregular intervals, but no more than once a year, since 1928 for outstanding contribution to the study of and research into the history of Private Posts.

In the last 88 years, this highest honour for Private Post philately has only been awarded on 34 occasions. Each year the Glasewald Medal Award Chapter meets to review potential candidates. For 2016 the Chapter is unanimous in its decision to present the medal for the 35 th time.

The production of specialized philatelic catalogues requires years of dedicated work to assemble appropriate information. This is made even more difficult when hardly any records remain of the company being researched.

Under consideration was a valuable 24 volume Catalogue series on CD covering Private and Non-Official Posts worldwide. A considerable number of the posts dealt with have never been catalogued before. A prime example of this work is the catalogue of USA Modern Local Posts which in over 3000 pages catalogues more than 1000 local posts.

For his work in producing this outstanding Catalogue series, their author

Ralph Phillips was awarded the Glasewald Medal 2016 at the Annual Meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Privatpost-Merkur in Braunfels , Germany on 7 May 2016.

A resident of Israel , Ralph Phillips is a life long philatelist who has specialised in Modern Local Posts for the last 20 years. With a lack of available up to date catalogues on these companies he commenced work on his CD series in 2001. He is a member of the Local Post Collectors Society (USA) and has been the Society President since 2006.

With the award of this medal, Ralph Phillips also becomes a member of the Glasewald Medal Award Chapter.

More about Ralph Phillips CD Catalogue Series is available from

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